January 07,2019

Introducing: Pajama Parties

Pajama Parties is a new initiative that will be implemented in 2019 where trained volunteers will bring an adoptable dog home for a one night sleepover. Pajama Parties will help dogs take a break from the shelter life. Volunteers will offer their overnight guests a chance to curl up on a couch, go for a long walk in the neighborhood, hang out with humans, and maybe even get an extra treat or two. At the same time, volunteers can use this opportunity to learn more about the dog’s personality which helps us share more information with potential adopters.

Pajama Party volunteers will share enticing photos like snaps of dog napping on the couch, playing in the living room, and walking on a leash, all things that help adopters visualize the dog in their home. The program will be launched soon and more details will be available when the project officially launches!  And yes, doggie PJs are optional.