June 29,2018

Happy Tails for Primo

Primo was found on the streets of Chicago as a stray. He happened to wander into the perfect yard—that yard belonged to a staff member at The Anti-Cruelty Society. After he was not claimed during his stray hold, he became available for adoption. Over the days that came, we learned all about Primo’s personality. He was a superb jumper, loved playing with toys, knew some basic commands and loved treats as his reward. He was selective with which dogs he liked to play with and for that reason we recommended he would not do well in a home with other dogs. This made it harder to find the perfect family for Primo, but one day last month that day arrived!

On his 150th day in our care, Primo found his forever home! His new name is Kylo and his favorite activity is to play with a Frisbee with his new family. He loves to cuddle and is making new dog friends with others in the neighborhood. He’s met some other furry members of the family and even got to go for a swim with one of them! “Thank you for all the time and love you have given Kylo. He is truly one of a kind.” –Zach and Ninetta, Kylo’s new parents