Foster Stories


Strong, resilient, loving, fearless. These are all words we’ve used to describe the bold spirit of foster volunteer Jay Dodd. Joining our team in 2017, Jay has become our go-to person for trickier canines. She effortlessly opens her heart and home to those who need that extra special touch on their road to recovery. As an Adoption Ambassador foster Jay doesn’t just nurse dogs back to mental and physical health, she also becomes their agent, showcasing their talent to potential adopters to find just the right home. But Jay’s work doesn’t stop with our dogs, she also fosters cats too! Jay writes, “I adopted my first pet, a cat I named Jezebel, from the Anti-Cruelty Society many moons ago. She lived to be 23 years old. I loved that cat…When I moved back to Chicago, I wanted to show my appreciation by fostering.” Jay knows that by keeping her home free of her own pets she can make a bigger impact. “Most people might have 5, 10 or 20 pets in a lifetime. I’ve had hundreds.” Jay is currently fostering a long-termer from the Society: Gino. She’s showcasing him all over social media to recruit his forever family. “Gino’s a big, but gentle and affectionate four year old boy who adores people. I think he believes that everyone’s purpose in this world is to dote on him.” Learn more about Gino here.