August 06,2018

Foster Families Save Lives

The individual love and care of a foster caregiver gives pets the opportunity to flourish in a home. The Society’s Foster Program is a vital lifeline that helps to rehabilitate and adopt animals in our care. Animals needing foster care include:

Underage: Animals who are younger than 2 months

Socialization: Shy or under-socialized cats and dogs

Medical: Contagious illnesses like kennel cough or Upper Respiratory Infection

Medical: Non-contagious issues such as being underweight, hair loss, etc.

SAFE Program: A boarding program for pets whose owners are in emergency situations

Neonatal Kittens: Litters of newborns with or without mothers

Heartworm Positive Dogs: Canines who need care while they undergo HW treatment

Rabbit Fosters: Provide our resident bunnies with a break from the shelter

Adoption Ambassador: Become a foster and adoption scout for an animal ready for their new home.

The Anti-Cruelty Society provides all fosters with program training, medical care for their foster, behavior support, and dry food. All Society fosters are licensed through the Illinois Department of Agriculture upon completion of program training. Foster volunteers are asked to supply treats, toys, bedding, and accessories for animals in their care. To learn more on signing up to be a foster, click here.