Cats 'n Mats

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What could be better than doing virtual yoga on a Sunday morning? Doing virtual yoga with cats and The Anti-Cruelty Society! Join us virtually at 11:00 a.m the first Sunday of the month for Cats n' Mats. We will be virtually hosting one-hour yoga sessions with the virtual company of some adorable kitties, as they make the “purrfect” yoga partners! In order to ensure you can join in the fun, we ask that you please register here to reserve your spot. Our doors may be closed to the general public, but we are still an essential service! Please help us continue to be an open door to pets in need by making a $10 donation or more for this virtual event via this reservation process. We are a privately-run humane society, so every dollar you give makes a difference!

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  • A cat crawls under a woman doing yoga