Education Presentations, Workshops, and Games

Humane Education Programs

Anti-Cruelty offers a number of different Humane Education programs for audiences of all ages, each serving our mission of creating a community of caring. On-site presentations may be combined with an animal encounter and a behind-the-scenes tour of Anti-Cruelty. 

Pet Care Grab Bag is an educational and entertaining program for students and families which gives young children the chance to learn the basics of pet care as well as how to be safe around animals. Anti-Cruelty’s beloved puppet dog Muffin, along with her human handler, will teach children the three rules of how to greet a dog safely before diving into the Grab Bag in search of animal related items to learn all about the essentials of basic pet care. 

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In this succinct and interactive presentation, students learn how to safely engage with pets, both at home and in the community. Utilizing a variety of teaching tools, from props to life-like animal puppets, our educators impart the importance of treating animals with respect and kindness.

Students learn how to:

  • Meet a new dog
  • Care for pets
  • Be kind to animals

 Additional Details:

  • Age range: Pre-K – 3rd Grade
  • Length: 30 – 60 minutes
  • For off-sites: No A/V required
  • An animal encounter can be requested as part of this presentation package

This workshop allows high school students to explore the exciting world of animal careers. Presenting everything from classic lines of work like veterinary medicine and pet grooming to non-traditional paths like animal advocacy and wildlife photography, this class teaches students about a wide variety of fields that engage directly with animals.

Students learn about:

  • Interest-driven career opportunities
  • What experiences are need for each career
  • Educational path towards each career

Additional Details:

  • Age range: 7-12th Grade
  • Length: 60 – 90 minutes
  • For off-sites: A/V required
  • An animal encounter can be requested as part of this presentation package

Custom Packages

Anti-Cruelty offers a variety of workshops that are designed to work as one-time educational opportunities. Many of these workshops can be bundled together to create a custom package for your classroom. Anti Cruelty’s education team can help you design a custom program for your group of students. Whether you’re a teacher looking to highlight a pre-existing lesson plan, or an after-school facilitator seeking additional programming enrichment, we’re willing to work with you to develop a series to best meet your teaching needs.

An example of a custom package may include Pet Care & Safety + Facts of Five + A New Pet for Life. More information about each program can be found below. 

We have a variety of additional workshops available upon request. Email us at to book your education event.