August 15,2018

Compassion in Action

At times, the animals who come into our care are sick, neglected, or sometimes just too fragile.

The bitterly cold day when a litter of day-old puppies was brought in to The Anti-Cruelty Society was a day to remember. When they arrived, it was clear that their lives were at risk, but the team rallied around them. It brought out the best in everyone at the Society.

From the field services team who rescued them to the in-house fostering they received, it was just what we do to care for those in need. When the uphill battle for these pups proved too much for their tiny bodies, those who cared for them grieved. One thing was certain though: regardless of their circumstances and
the challenges of their short lives, they were warm and they were loved.

Stories like these define who we are as individuals and as an organization and they show how we engage with those who need our help. Every story we tell shows how we make a difference in the life of an animal. We see how staff, volunteers, and fosters make a difference for the animals in our care, and every day there is evidence of compassion in action.

There is perhaps a minor redundancy in the term “compassion in action” because so much of what we do must intrinsically be active in nature. Compassion cannot be complacent, nor can it be static. With more than 100 full-time employees at the Society and nearly 700 volunteers and fosters, everyone works together to fufill our mission to protect and care for animals by providing comfort, safety, 
and healing to abused or neglected animals. 
Our staff and volunteers seamlessly join forces to care for animals in need; this collaboration provides a solid foundation for Chicago’s oldest, largest, and most comprehensive animal welfare organization. 
It is this dynamic quality of our programs and services that makes life at the Society so challenging and so rewarding.