Community Programs

Benefiting the Community

There are many programs offered by the Society to benefit the community! Learn more about these programs here:

What could be better than doing yoga on a Sunday morning? Doing yoga with cats at The Anti-Cruelty Society! We host one hour yoga sessions at 11:00 a.m. on select Sunday mornings in the company of some adoptable kitties because they make the purrfect yoga partners!

Cost is a $10 donation made when registering. 

157 W. Grand Ave.
18 and older
No previous experience required
Bring your own mat, we'll bring the cats!

The next available date to register for will display below. 

Pet first aid is important! Whether you work with other people’s pets for a living as a dog walker, groomer, or staff member at a boarding facility or you have pets at home and want to be prepared in case of an emergency, we can help. The Pet First Aid course is taught by one of our veterinarians and covers pet first aid and CPR techniques. The emphasis will be on cats and dogs, and life-sized mannequins will be used to mimic working with real animals. Please do not bring your pet to class. The course length is 3 hours, and the fee is $50.

Pre-registration is required. Class sizes are limited. For more information call (312) 645-8098 or email

The $50 course fee must be made when registering.

The next available date will display below. 

If you are having a difficult time in accepting your pet’s death, you may want to discuss your feelings with someone trained to understand the grieving process, such as a grief counselor, clergyman, social worker, physician, or psychologist. The Anti-Cruelty Society offers a free group program called “Working Through Pet Loss” with a trained counselor.

The Pet Loss Support Group has been suspended at this time. We will re-start the group sessions soon as this health situation is resolved.

Click here to learn more about our pet loss support group.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Caerus Foundation, The Anti-Cruelty Society is able to bring a variety of much-needed pet care services to Chicago, free of charge through our Dog Wellness Fairs that are scheduled throughout the year.

Engraved ID tags 
Nail trims 
Spay/neuter appointments
Training demos

Family Activities:
Pet-friendly crafts
Free pet supplies
Fine details: All dogs in attendance must be leashed. No dogs in heat. No retractable leashes or leashes over 6 feet. Owners with dogs who may require a muzzle are asked to bring their own.

Puppy Palooza is a fun, puppy-filled hour hosted in The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Training Center located at 157 W. Grand Ave. The puppies attending Puppy Paloozas are litters we are raising at the Society and are in need of socialization. For a $5 donation, you can spend 15 minutes playing with puppies! You’re helping them learn how to be handled by people, and who doesn’t love a puppy kiss? 

Puppy Paloozas are scheduled as we have litters in need of socialization using social media. Check our Facebook page for updates on Puppy Palooza dates.