June 01,2018

Building a Stronger Bond

Clicker training is a type of training for both cats and dogs that helps build the human-animal bond, as well as teach new skills. At the Society, we use this training to help alleviate some of the stresses of living in a shelter environment. Staff and volunteers work with the animals by asking an animal to perform a specific action, such as giving eye contact, followed by a press of the clicker or by saying “yes,” and then a reward such as a treat or play time. The combination of the audible signal along with the reward teaches the animal that the behavior just performed is beneficial and should be repeated. This type of training helps focus the animal on the person and draws their attention away from the environment, helping to reduce stress.
The Anti-Cruelty Society began its clicker training program with cats in 2016 when we were chosen to be a part of the Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s Cat Pawsitive program. We saw how well the cats responded to this program. It has now grown to be a volunteer program with dogs as well!
Whether it’s training in the shelter or at home, a strong human-animal bond is important for the socialization of your pet with humans and other animals. Training is the best way to strengthen that bond and The Anti-Cruelty Society offers dog training classes to the public. You can learn more about classes and register here.