BARK Quick Start

Interested in joining us at BARK? Here are instructions on how to register for the event and set up your personal fundraising page.

How to build your own fundraising website if this is your first BARK:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Register as an individual”
  3. Choose your registration level. We encourage you to set a fundraising goal of at least $250, but as you progress, you can adjust your goal. If you add an additional gift it will count towards your goal, so you can get “pup” and running towards your finish line! If your company has signed up for  BARK, you can join their team by selecting the name from the drop-down list. When you’ve filled in the fields on this page, click “Next.”
  4. Fill in your personal information. Note: this will not be visible to anyone else on your fundraising page. Your adult registration entitles you to a BARK event T-shirt. Please fill in your size. When you’ve finished, click “Next step.”
  5. Review your information to make sure it’s accurate. You can add family members to your registration by clicking “Register family member” and following the instructions on the next page. If all the information is up-to-date and complete, click “Complete registration.”
  6. Click “Access your participant center to personalize your page.” We suggest adding  a photo, maybe with your own furry friend in the shot, and  a story explaining why you care about The Anti-Cruelty Society’s mission. Keep it short and direct. This makes it easy for your supporters to understand your goals and motivation.

How to join a team:

  1. In the Participant Center at the top, click “Profile.”
  2. On the next page, click the  tab that says “Event Options.” Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button next to “Join a Team.”
  3. Search for your team using either the team name, company name, or the captain’s name.
  4. When you find the team you are looking for, click “Join Team.”

Personalize your goals and page:

  1. At the top of the screen click “Participant Center.”
  2. Click “Edit Goal” next to “Your Fundraising Progress” to adjust your fundraising goal.
  3. Click “URL Settings” next to “Personal Page URL” to  create a custom URL that links directly to your fundraising page.
  4. Click “Edit content” next to “Body” to personalize the message that will greet your donors when they arrive on your page. Share why your team supports The Anti-Cruelty Society, and inspire your donors with your own story.
  5. Click “Save.”

Start fundraising: 

  1. Check out the Participant Toolkit for eye-catching graphics you can share on social media 
  2. Utilize your online presence to bring awareness to your campaign – post a shareable graphic on Instagram stories, share a picture of your furry friend, your story, and your donation link on Facebook, or message supportive contacts through your LinkedIn network! 
  3. Send a personalized email to your nearest and dearest explaining your drive to raise money for ACS. Include any graphics from the Toolkit that will show your passion for animal welfare and the difference a donation can make. 
    • Decide who you’re going to email. The more people you reach out to, the more likely you are to get donations! 
    • Include a direct ask like, “Please donate now to support an animal in need” and hyperlink to your fundraising page. 
    • Make sure you first send the email to folks you are sure will donate – this will boost your fundraising total which excites potential donors! 
    • Wait a week since your first round of emails, then follow up with those who have not yet given. They will! 
    • Share your fundraising progress on social media to reinforce and encourage your donors! Make it personal – the more people can connect to your story and mission, the more they’re likely to donate. 

How to build a team website in minutes: Just like your individual fundraising page that tells your personal story, your team has its own page. The Team Captain can edit the team name, fundraising goal, and profile information.

  1. To log in visit
  2. If you previously participated in BARK, log in using the same credentials and the system  will prompt you to captain that same team again.
  3. Click “Participant Center.”

Personalize your team goals and page:

  1. From the Participant Center scroll about halfway down the page until you see two tabs and click tabs. One will be named “Me” and the other “My Team.” Click “My Team.”
  2. Write a message to all your teammates by clicking the “Edit” button next to “Message to Your Team.” Keep it short and sweet and remember to click “Save” when you’re finished writing.
  3. Click “Edit Goal” next to “Team Progress” to adjust your team’s fundraising goal.
  4. Click “URL Settings” next to “Team Page URL” to create a custom URL that links directly to your team’s page.
  5. Click “Edit content” next to “Body” to personalize the message that will greet your donors when they arrive on your page. Share the reason why your team supports The Anti-Cruelty Society, and inspire your donors with your own story.

Personalize the team page:

  1. From the Participant Center select the “Team Page” tab. It will take you to the “Edit Your Team Fundraising Page” screen.
  2. Edit your team name by clicking the blue “Edit” link on the right side under “Team Name.”
  3. Change your team’s URL to something easy to remember which makes it easier for friends, supporters, and your teammates to spread the word. Click the blue “Customize URL” link next to Team Page URL. An editable field will appear to enter your new URL. Keep it something simple and short, then click “Save.” This unique URL will take anyone directly to your team’s page. If you’re using the email tool within Team Raiser, links to your page will be automatically included.
  4. Under “Body” add a personal story about your team and why the team is supporting The Anti-Cruelty Society. Keep it short and direct, which makes it easier for your supporters to understand your goals and motivation.
  5. Replace the default image with one that represents your whole team. Under the “Photo” section select “Choose File.” Choose the photo  you think best represents your team and click “Choose file.” You can add a caption in the editable “Caption” box, then click “Save/Upload.”
  6. Preview your page by clicking the blue “Preview” button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Once you have made your changes, click the green “Save” button at the bottom of the page to save all these changes. Team Raiser does not automatically save edits, so make sure to save your work as you go.
  8. You can view your live team page by clicking the “View Team Page” link towards the top of the screen. This is how your supporters and teammates will see this page. 

If at any point during your campaign you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team at