ID #47801242
In order to alleviate the need to bring an animal into the shelter environment, The Anti-Cruelty Society has the Home-to-Home Shelter Bypass service to help people find new accommodations for their pets privately. These animals are not located in any of the Society's physical locations. Please refer to the contact information below to inquire about adopting. Say hello to Lucy and Sissy! Lucy is about one year old and is the mother of Sissy, who is about two months old. Lucy has a darker coat and Sissy has the lighter one. They are both very tame and are comfortable being held. Lucy loves her wheel and is the calmest in my hand. Sissy also loves running on the wheel and eating plain popcorn. They have both been around and handled by a young child. They can be kept together or separated, but once they are separated for more than a couple days, they would need to gradually be reintroduced. Cindy Martinez