ID #47494770
1Y 1Mo
In order to alleviate the need to bring an animal into the shelter environment, The Anti-Cruelty Society has the Home-to-Home Shelter Bypass service to help people find new accommodations for their pets privately. These animals are not located in any of the Society's physical locations. Please refer to the contact information below to inquire about adopting. Say hello to Bosco and Fritz! Bosco is very docile and laid back, though quite protective over Fritz. Bosco is easy to pick up and put down and is accepting of all routines. He is still working on coming out of his shyness from people. Fritz is a friendly and curious little go-getter who wants to be everyone's friend. Nose-nudging is his method for investigating new things in his world and he loves to "arrange" things in his house, especially pieces of paper! This pair would do best in a home without other bunnies, but they do interact very well with our small dog, who is gentle. These are strictly indoor bunnies who love free play time where they can hop in and around boxes and tunnels, dig in fresh stacks of bunny linens, run, jump and binky to their own delights. Hana Nabulsi