ID #46005666
1Y 1Mo
Adoption Fee: $75
Say hello to Wobert! Wobert can be a shy and timid cat at first, but once he feels more comfortable in the home he can be very affectionate and playful. He will most likely hide and gets scared from fast movements or loud noises so a calmer household is best. Once he gets to know you he will purr and jump up in your lap to say hello, and kneed his paws all over you. He's really the sweetest little guy. He loves to play with string and he LOVES watching cat tv (squirrels or mice on youtube). Wobert has a life-long condition called cystitis which causes bladder inflammation that can cause blood in the urine and discomfort at times. To manage this condition, he will need a specific high quality diet and in the future may need a prescription cat food. If this handsome cat has caught your eye, fill out the virtual adoption questionnaire today!Wobert is currently in a foster home. To apply for adoption, please complete our virtual adoption questionnaire by copying and pasting this link https://anticruelty.org/sites/default/files/ACS-Documents/2021_Adoption%20Questionnaire_FORM.pdf into your search engine. Once complete, please attach in an email and send to adoption@anticruelty.org with...
Meet Wobert!
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Chicago, IL 60654
510 N LaSalle Chicago, IL 60654

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To be at least 18 years old

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To provide your landlord’s name and phone number, or a copy of the lease stating pets are allowed if you rent

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To bring vaccination records for any animal owned in the last five years (alive or deceased)