Jo Jo

ID #44025571
2Y 3Mo
Adoption Fee: $60
If you think your home is a good match for this cat, please complete our virtual adoption application at this link and a member of our adoption team will follow-up with you regarding next steps. Note that adoptions are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Say hello to Jo Jo, and read on to see what her foster has to say about her: "At first she was really scared, did not eat and hid. However over the next few days she felt more comfortable, opened up and by the second week started playing and never stopped. She's a very sweet and affectionate girl and usually sleeps on the bed. JoJo loves to play and enjoys toys, but she is a playbiter and can sometimes use her claws or bite when she's overstimulated; but from my experience the bites are not too hard are more like asking for space or attention, depending on situation. I also noticed she prefers petting her head and not her body when she's laying down or sitting. She's obsessed with wet food, she will demand it a few times a day and will stand in front of the cupboard where the food is and meow. I am not sure how she is with children though she met a couple of adults acted fine, greet...
Meet Jo Jo!
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