ID #41955179
13Y 3Mo
Bella is a beautiful long-haired cat. Bella is an indoor cat only and we believe this has contributed to her excellent health. She doesn't have claws so should stay indoors. Bella has always lived with our second cat, Olivia (her kitten) and they get along perfect, so we hope they get adopted together. They snuggle up together to sleep all the time, not to mention playing together. Olivia is also needing a new home. Bella once lived with a dog when she was a kitten. She is very healthy, has always used the litter box and eats only wet food due to a past bladder stone issue which has since resolved. Bella is great with kids. She is declawed so there is no possibility of scratching. She allows our young granddaughter to pet her and follow her around. She is very friendly with all. She is a wonderful pet and we only part with her because of family allergies. This is a great cat!Beth Blackwell 314-498-1303