Baby Girl

ID #39435236
5Y 6Mo
Adoption Fee: $150
This awesome dog is Baby Girl and here she is hanging out with one of her favorite toys! If you are looking for a dog-friendly dog, Baby Girl could be the perfect addition. Baby Girl has made lots of dogs friends here at the shelter, but seems to really like dogs of her size, and energy level. She is very sweet, loves playing fetch, and tug-o-war. At almost 50 lbs,she does pull on leash, so she'll need someone who can handle her. When she get really excited, she can get mouthy, but is easily redirected, and very trainable. She's got a lot of energy, so she'd love an active owner to take her for walks, play, and help her work off some of zoomies. She is also full-grown, which makes her the perfect fit for lots of households. Baby Girl is currently residing in a foster home. Email is at to schedule a visit.Her adoption includes a private consultation & training session here at the shelter thanks to funding from the Millstein Foundation.
Meet Baby Girl!
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Chicago, IL 60654
510 N LaSalle Chicago, IL 60654

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