July 03,2018

4th of July Safety Tips

If your pet has a fear of loud noises, the 4th of July can be a challenging holiday for your pet and your family. Here are some tips to help soothe your pet’s anxiety about fireworks and loud noises.

  • Bringing your pet with you to view the fireworks is not the best option—even if you think your animal is ok with loud noises. It is better to keep them at home.
  • Maybe skip the celebration and stay home with them. Sometimes your presence makes all the difference.
  • Move your pet into an interior room of your home with no windows or close your windows to keep out some of the noise.
  • Give them a place to hide. Set up a comfortable room or crate in your house just for them.
  • Play soft music or turn on the TV to distract your animal (and NOT to a program showing fireworks).
  • You might want to try an anxiety vest or a tight-fitted t-shirt.
  • Keep them busy with treat toys to help distract them from the noise.
  • Talk to your vet to see if anti-anxiety medication is an option.

Loud noises often cause cats and dogs to run away in an attempt to flee the noises. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with and ID tag connected to your phone number. Microchipping is important if your animal runs away. Read more about microchipping here.

Please note: The Anti-Cruelty Society is closed for adoptions on Wednesday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day.