November 30,2016

Welcome, Mr. Kelly

Well, now that Thanksgiving is drawing to a close and those warm gooey feelings of togetherness with family and friends are at the front of everyone’s minds – or at least the gooey feelings of warmed up holiday leftovers – I’d like to share something, rather someone, that I am grateful for:

My new best friend, Mr. Kelly!

This handsome feline is the newest addition to The Anti-Cruelty Society family; he’s in training to be an ambassador cat, just like me. I’ve been showing him the ropes of living and working around the shelter these past couple months, and he fits right in. While I hate to admit that I’m no longer top cat, I wouldn’t want to share my responsibilities with anyone else.

Now, an interesting thing about Mr. Kelly is that he has a cat disease called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or FIV for short. Basically, he is a bit more likely to get sick than the average cat. But he doesn’t let his illness keep him down! With a healthy diet and good care, Mr. Kelly leads a pretty normal life if you ask me…well, just about as normal as I do living at the Society. And while we play and cuddle together, I’m not worried about getting sick. FIV is only transmitted through bite wounds, and I feel pretty safe saying that my BFF wouldn’t do that to me! It’s especially important to have a great relationship with your vet if your kitty has FIV. By being in the loop on your cat’s health, if any symptoms do come up your vet will know how to help. Just like with me and Mr. Kelly, it’s also important to get any other cats in the household screened for FIV. There’s also a vaccination available that may protect against the virus. But the pros here at the shelter assure me that, as long as none of the cats are being bullies and biting each other, the risk of transmission is low.

Now that you have all met Mr. Kelly, maybe I’ll let him practice writing my blog every now and again. It sure does get hard staying on a schedule with my rigorous nap regimen to maintain; a cat could use an extra paw from time to time!