February 20,2017

Sinbad the Cat

2017 has sure been off to a busy start here at The Anti-Cruelty Society. Probably one of the most exciting things to happen this year was the crowning of our very own feline celebrity!

Spoiler: it’s not me.

It’s likely that you’ve already heard about this cool cat, since his story made it all over the internet. His name is Sinbad! You can read all about him in his People Magazine segment, because I’m not here to talk about his origin story, I’m here to talk about his ending!

After our Field Services team brought Sinbad in and his extra weight was shaved off, he hung around my office a bit to get used to his newfound mobility. As he told it, with 5 pounds of matted fur trailing behind him, it was hard to do even simple things like jump or run around. After meeting him I can tell you that this cat was a class-act; such a nice guy! He charmed just about everyone in the office and within hours they had opened their hearts – and their laps – to his purrs and cuddles.

I was totally not jealous.

Remember, all of this was happening back in December, right before Christmas. Our very own Elliott, manager of the Humane Education department, decided to take Sinbad home for the holidays. However, when he arrived back in the office after the long weekend there was no Sinbad in tow!

“I don’t think he’s coming back” were the fateful words that sealed the deal…Sinbad was going to be adopted!

Truly this is a “rags to riches” story if I’ve ever heard one: Not only does Sinbad live in the lap of luxury with his new dad, but he is also an Internet star! You can keep up with his new life adventures on Facebook and Instagram. He is also known to make public appearances at the place that started it all…The Anti-Cruelty Society!

I guess that old saying is true…good humans come to cats who wait!