Teen Drop-In Days

Are you 14-18 years old and interested in earning service learning hours? Do you want to be part of The Anti-Cruelty Society’s community of caring? Are you looking for something to do over the summer or throughout the school year, and help animals at the same time? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then this is the right program for you!

This new program is a great way for teens like you to get together, work on service projects, and have fun! Traditionally, all of our service learning projects were activities that had to be completed at home, but on our Youth Drop-In Days, you can come to our facility, connect with like-minded teens, and complete projects to help pets and educate people.

All participating teens will need to bring in a signed Waiver during your first visit. You will not be able to participate without one.

And as if this opportunity wasn’t enough, teens that attend our Youth Drop-In Days can also earn service learning hours for school or other organizations that require them, and digital badges through the Chicago City of Learning. Available projects vary in value, so check out our Service Learning Page for project details.

Be sure to check out our Event Calendar to find out when and where the next session will be taking place!

Digital Badges you can earn at Youth Drop-In Days include:

PrintFriend to Animals: Complete a service learning project to earn this badge.



PrintFurry Friend Philanthropist: Create a business plan and raise at least $100 (or $100 worth of in-kind donations when planning a Wish List Drive) to earn this badge.



In addition to the above digital badges, all of our Service Learning Projects will be right at your fingertips:

Work on DIY Donations (Bring Your Own Materials)

Create a business plan to

Spread the word and

Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible