How You Can Help in a Classroom

Empower your students to make a difference. Your classroom can help animals! Here are a few simple ways that you can help:

Have a Collection Drive

Click here to see a list of items that your class can collect. After your collection drive, book a field trip to The Anti-Cruelty Society and your students can deliver their donations in person.

Make It Yourself Donations

Students of all ages will have fun making cat and dog toys and the animals will enjoy the results. The toys can be made from items that the students can bring from home such as old t-shirts and blue jeans. Just follow our simple ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Yourself  instructions and have fun with it. Once you have completed the toys, you can mail them to The Anti-Cruelty Society or book a field trip and your students can deliver the items in person.

Incorporate Humane Education Into Your Curriculum

Incorporate Humane Education into your classroom throughout the year. Recognize the monthly themes below by creating a bulletin board, incorporating a Humane Education lesson into your curriculum or by booking a program from The Anti-Cruelty Society. For more ideas and information, visit our teacher resource page.

Monthly Themes

  • January –Animal Caring Awareness Month
  • February—Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
  • March—Cruelty and Neglect Prevention Month
  • April—Feral Cat Awareness Month
  • May—Be Kind to Animals Month
  • June—Adopt A Cat Month
  • July—Seniors and Animals Month
  • August—Abuse Link Awareness Month
  • September—Safety Around Animals Month
  • October—Adopt a Dog Month
  • November—Pet First-Aid Awareness Month
  • December—Celebrating the Human/Animal Bond Month


Thank you to our partners whose support makes our work possible