Dog Puzzle Toy

Giving our dogs something fun to do in their kennels throughout the day is key to keeping them content and healthy during their shelter stay. By making a set of these simple dog puzzle toys, you can provide ten different dogs with a fun activity to help pass the time.

Dog Puzzle Toy


  • Toilet Paper Tube
  • Dog Kibble
  • Dog Treats

Time to Create: 10 tubes in one hour


  1. Fold in both sides of one end of the tube to create a seal.
  2. Flip the tube around and fill with 4-5 pieces of kibble and 1-2 high value treats.
  3. Fold in the last side of the opening to seal in the treats.
  4. Repeat nine more times to create a set of ten.
  5. Optional: You can use a small tab of peanut butter to seal the tubes.

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