February 05,2018

Nabisco: from rags to riches

When the humane investigation team brought Nabisco to The Anti-Cruelty Society, he was covered in matted hair from head to toe and had clearly been neglected. The intake staff went right to work shaving away the matted hair and there was a look of relief and comfort when the hair began to fall from his body.

While shaving him down, we noticed Nabisco had a deformed front leg. Our veterinarians examined him and determined that while the leg was deformed, he was getting around just fine and no further surgery was needed. He got a bath and a professional groom and some special care from our veterinarians and he soon started to look like the happy dog he is!

Nabisco spent a month being fostered by staff members so we could monitor his health. They said he was happiest snuggling up to one of the staff. He was one of our media stars when he went on WGN Radio and that day he found his forever home with a wonderful new family. A great ending to a great story about the love and support Nabisco received in our care.

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