April 15,2018

Most Hours Logged: Arleen Burke

It takes so many hours to support all of the work at The Anti-Cruelty Society. Each volunteer hour is a gift so you can imagine how grateful we are to Arlene Burke who was awarded Most Hours Logged at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch on April 15. Arleen logged over 1,130 hours in 2017! That is quite impressive! Thank you Arlene for your incredible dedication!

If you have ever visited our adoption pages on the website or seen a tweet on Twitter highlighting our animals available for adoption, then you have seen Arleen’s special talents. Arleen comes into the Society every few days to photograph animals available for adoption. She not only knows how to get each dog, cat, puppy, or kitten shine for the camera (not to mention a few rabbits and other fur friends). It is NOT an easy job to photograph animals but Arleen makes it look great. At the same time, she is a fountain of knowledge about each animal as she also helps us write up their profiles to help them find a forever family.

During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, The Anti-Cruelty Society recognizes all volunteers for their support, commitment and dedication to help us provide a better life for the animals that the animals in our care. With more than 600 volunteers who provide more than 50,000 hours each year, the Society’s volunteers give generously of their time to help the thousands of homeless, abused, and neglected animals in our care each year. Their dedication directly impacts the lives of each animal they come into contact with. We could not do this work without our volunteer support and especially from people like Arleen.

Each year, we formally recognize our outstanding volunteers and extend our sincere thanks. Each day we are grateful for this support.

Congratulations Arleen on your Most Hours Logged Award! An honor so much appreciated!