October 20,2016

Likes for Lives

Meowza, do I feel like a fancy feline or what?  In celebration of October being national “Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog” month, Echo Limousine is partnering with The Anti-Cruelty Society.  Whoever said social media “Like-tivism” can’t make a difference has never seen a partnership like this before! For every new “Like” they receive on Facebook for the month of October, Echo Limousine will donate $1 to the Society to help my furiends waiting for their forever home.

I may be biased being the ambassador cat of The Anti-Cruelty Society, but in my opinion my friends here go above and beyond to help animals in need by offering comprehensive programs and services to aid families with pets, as well as a compassionate touch to help animals that are waiting for their forever homes. When you adopt an animal from the Society you not only get a new family member, but you also support all of the amazing work that my human friends do to make sure that the animals here are well cared for until they meet their special someone. Since the Society is a private, non-profit organization those likes-to-dollars generously donated by Echo Limousine can make a huge impact in helping us continue to work towards our mission of building a community of caring by helping pets and educating people.

So head to Echo Limousine’s Facebook page to make a difference today!  You can also peruse our website to read about all of our current services and programs, as well as the amazing ways The Anti-Cruelty Society has been making a positive impact in Chicago since 1899.