August 08,2017

Immunization Consideration

Boy, it sure is nice outside: The sun is shining, and the trees are rustling in the breeze as I lay in the air conditioning on my coziest bed. I’m trying to live it up right now, because later today my veterinarian friends at The Anti-Cruelty Society are going to pay me a visit. From the sounds of it, it’s just routine: a physical exam, nail trim, and my vaccine boosters. In fact, August is National Immunization Month, and in honor of these life-saving medicines, I’d like to talk to you about vaccines. Even though no one likes getting poked and prodded with needles, it’s really important to get your pets vaccinated. It’s what ensures that we’re healthy from diseases, and can spend our lives playing, cuddling, and living for a long time. Some people think that there’s a risk to vaccines, which can be scary to think about. Like with any type of medicine, you can’t be 100% sure there won’t be negative effects. However, all of my veterinarian friends at the Society agree that the benefits far outweigh the potential risks. There are even some vaccines, like the rabies vaccine, that are required by law in Illinois. This is so that the pets and people we love can stay safe.

If you want to know more about some common diseases that can be easily prevented with the help of vaccinations, check out these webpages about canine distemper and canine parvovirus. If you’re planning to get your pet spayed or neutered at the Society, you can also get their vaccinations at the time of surgery. You can learn more about this, and book an appointment, on the Society’s online clinic scheduler.

Speaking of our clinic, I think I hear my vet walking down the hall; it must be time for my check-up.