Humane Education Workshop Packages

The Anti-Cruelty Society offers a number of different educational programs and presentations that are all a part of our organization’s mission to create a community of caring by helping pets and educating people.

In order to help reinforce our message of empathy and caring, and make the big ideas of our curriculum more meaningful for students, we offer workshop packages that allow our Humane Education specialists to more effectively connect core messages to expand a group’s understanding of a variety of animal welfare topics. The Anti-Cruelty Society provides custom or pre-made packages for classrooms looking to engage their students at a deeper level. Program lengths, time, and modes of delivery can be modified to suit the classrooms’ needs.

For more information about booking a Humane Education package with the Society, please email or call (312) 644-8338, ext. 348.

Classrooms Who Care

This five day series of workshops provides a series of educational presentations and activities to create awareness on a variety of animal welfare issues while developing empathy. Students also have the opportunity to plan and execute a group service-learning project to positively impact their community. The program package can be delivered in five consecutive days or can be spread out over a series of weeks. Day five can be coordinated to take place in the classroom or on-site at The Anti-Cruelty Society.

The Classrooms Who Care program learning objectives include:

  • Promoting empathy and compassion for animals and people
  • Building positive interpersonal relationship skills and celebrating diversity
  • Empowering youth to be advocates in their communities

Program Structure:

Day 1: In the “The Circle of Compassion” presentation students learn how to foster compassion by learning to care for animals.

Day 2: Through “Understanding Animal Behavior” students learn the basics of body language and positive training practices which can help us communicate and develop empathy for both pets and people.

Day 3: Using the “Building Relationship” presentation, students learn how to form and maintain meaningful and compassionate relationships with animals and people in their community.

Day 4: In this final day of programming, students learn ways to broaden the application of leading a compassionate life through the “Helping Those in Need” presentation.

Day 5: Students deliver the results of their service learning project and receive either a) an animal encounter and a behind-the-scenes tour of The Anti-Cruelty Society or b) if off-site, a classroom visit from a member of our Pet Visitation team.


Custom Packages

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s Humane Education team offers a variety of workshops that are designed to work as one-time educational opportunities. Many of these workshops can be bundled together to create a custom package for your classroom. The Society’s education team can help you in designing  a customized program for your group of students. Whether you’re a teacher looking to highlight a pre-existing lesson plan, or an after-school facilitator seeking additional programming enrichment, we’re willing to work with you to develop a series to best meet your teaching needs. An example of a custom package may include: Pet Care & Safety + Facts of Five + A New Pet for Life. Click here for more detailed descriptions of each workshop.


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