July 10,2017

Happy Rescue-A-Rabbit Month!

Ah, summer. So far, the month of July has involved me laying around my office and relaxing – the perfect way to spend a summer day. The smell of the breeze, and basking in a pool of sunlight on the windowsill are just a couple of my favorite things. The summer rush here at The Anti-Cruelty Society is in full swing and my friends are getting adopted left and right. I’m sure they will all be as lucky in finding their forever homes as I have been in finding my people here at The Society. That reminds me: July is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month,” and it just so happens that here at the Society we have wonderful rabbits just waiting for you to come in, fall in love and adopt them! Now, I know I’ve said before that cats are the best pets on the planet (and I still believe that!) but if you’ve got your heart set on adopting a bunny friend, look no further. Check out our Adoption Information page to get started, then visit the Small Animals Available for Adoption page start finding some-bunny special. If I haven’t fully convinced you yet, let me tell you some fabulous rabbit facts:

  • Rabbits are very social and bond with their owners
  • Rabbits love to eat hay
  • Rabbits can be trained to use litter boxes (just like the superior species, the cat)

So, that’s some information to get you started. You can also visit our General Pet Health page to learn more about taking care of your pets. Hopefully you all are excited to come down and adopt your new best friend!

Speaking of taking care of your pets, I think I heard a can opening…I should probably go investigate.