April 15,2018

Foster of the Year: Deborah Bottjer

When The Anti-Cruelty Society began a neonatal foster program where very young, orphaned kittens were sent home with some very dedicated fosters, we all knew it would take a special type of person to volunteer for this demanding, yet oh, so rewarding, program. This is where Deborah Bottjer became a bright star for the Society. Neonatal fostering requires around-the-clock care to feed and help teach kittens what they might normally learn from their mother. It’s an above and beyond type of fostering and we’re grateful for her help in saving so many small kittens.

We know that Deborah is so devoted to caring for these tiny kittens and she goes even one step further by sharing each kitten journey on her amazing and popular Facebook page—We Are Kitten Smitten. Here you can watch the best videos and see the work Deborah does to not only care for these teeny tiny ones but also share the work of the dedicated volunteers and fosters for The Anti-Cruelty Society. Check out her page here to see Deborah at work (and play!).

Thank you Deborah for sharing your beautiful stories and for your hard work helping us protect and care for the most vulnerable.

During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, The Anti-Cruelty Society recognizes all volunteers for their support, commitment and dedication to help us provide a better life for the animals that the animals in our care. With more than 800 volunteers who provide more than 50,000 hours each year, the Society’s volunteers give generously of their time to help the thousands of homeless, abused, and neglected animals in our care each year. Their dedication directly impacts the lives of each animal they come into contact with. We could not do this work without our volunteer support and especially from people like Deborah.

Each year, we formally recognize our outstanding volunteers and extend our sincere thanks. Each day we are grateful for this support.

Congratulations, Deborah, on your Foster of the Year Award! An honor so well deserved!