July 14,2017

Fire Safety for Pets

Napping is perhaps my favorite activity. And no sound is worse than when the fire truck’s siren wakes me up from a peaceful cat nap. With that in mind, this Saturday (7/15) is Pet Fire Safety Day! So I’m here as your friendly neighborhood fire-cat to give you some tips and tricks to keep your furry friends safe in case of an emergency. One way to do that is to help keep your pets from starting fires themselves. Here are the facts:

  • Many pets like my feline friends and I are very curious. Be sure to extinguish any tempting open flames.
  • If you’re leaving the house, make sure the stove knobs are covered so we can’t turn them on with our paws
  • If you have young pets and home like puppies or kittens, keep them away from potential fire hazards when you’re not home

Of course, accidents happen. In order to ensure that your pets are safe if a fire does happen be sure to:

  • Keep pets near entrances when away from home so firemen can reach them
  • Put pet alerts on your windows so that in case of a fire, rescuers will know how many and what type of pets you have.

Visit our Emergency Preparedness page to learn more about steps you can take to keep your pets as safe as possible. As for me, I think I see a wand toy wiggling around that looks like it needs my attention.